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Pets 4 Eva Website - 12 December 2016

Pets 4 Eva is an international pet and animal classified advertising site that was built to dynamically fit any device, from pc to mobile phone.

Membership has been built in with email verification so users can join, create their profile and advertise their animals and services.

The application detects the country of the user so they are not swamped with adverts from the entire world, though members can opt to see all from their account settings if the wish.

Advertisers contact details are not shown to members who do not verify their email address and their own contact details, greatly reducing messages and calls from time wasters.

"Our members are able to quickly create and manage the advertising of their pet or pet related service, upload pictures and share through social media, with automatic link building." - Pets4Eva

Why not visit the Pets4Eva web application to see for yourself.

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