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The Draft Club Website - 18 December 2016

Wooly Tuft have designed developed and implemented a bespoke e-commerce web application that is fully manageable by The Draft Club, and developed their company identity, logo, branding and product labelling.

The website is dynamically optimised for the device it is being viewed on be it a computer, mobile phone or tablet while providing a consistent look and feel.

We have utilised the PayPal ipn system to manage website transactions through our custom built product and points system, and incorporated various shipping company api's in order to allow customers to track their delivery.

Customers can also check the progress of their orders through their online account order status page.

The points system which is another bespoke system allows retail customers to accrue points on their purchases which they can later redeem against free products. They can also accrue points when a user they have referred to the website makes a purchase.

Members are also able to apply for a trade account which has customisable discount levels depending on the nature of the business and a lovely discount scheme. Trade account holders are able to build their orders on line with the benefit of real time proving and bulk order discounts.

We will be continuously adding new features to The Draft Club web application, with an new user interface coming very soon.


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